Green cleaning for a healthy school

July 1st, 2013 Category: Educational Establishments

Promoting green cleaning in the school is an excellent way of both protecting the earth now and creating a legacy based on eco-friendly principles.

Many adults are now cognisant towards the human impact on the ecosystem, but there is a duty to pass the lessons we have learnt onto our children. There are several ways in which these valuable teachings can be passed on, but one way which may be overlooked is green cleaning in schools. The Healthy Schools Campaign, recently set up in the US, has identified five steps to implementing eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

Create a Green Team

Overhauling the school’s current cleaning practices requires planning, and setting up a Green Team of teachers, staff, parents and even pupils is a good way of ensuring solutions are delivered which are consistent with the school’s needs. Once the team has been formulated and positions are established, be sure to meet on a regular basis to discuss implementation of the plans and new ideas.

Green products

There are new green products entering the market constantly, many of which use improved formulas which are better for the environment. First and foremost, ensure that chemical-heavy cleaning supplies in use currently are replaced with healthier alternatives, but be sure to keep up to date with new products.

Adopt green cleaning procedures

Green cleaning is not ‘one size fits all’, so create bespoke procedures that fit in with your school's requirements. These can be posted across the buildings to make people aware of what is going on, and should be well documented among head of staff.

Share the responsibility

Green cleaning is certainly not something that can be achieved single handedly, which is why communicating procedures, goals and practices is essential. The most effective communications programs use more than one medium to reach intended audiences, so consider the school blog or newsletter, text messages, email campaigns or social media.

Look for a green cleaning service

There are several cleaning services which are green certified, making them a far more eco-friendly alternative to regular providers. To ensure day-to-day cleaning practices are in line with your green objectives, hiring a company with good environmental values is the best way forward.