Britain helps spruce up New Delhi Metro

June 27th, 2013 Category: Building Management

Metro cleaners in New Delhi, India, are to get a British lesson in efficient cleaning techniques as well as new technology from the UK to help them with their duties.

The transport cleaners are to have British Institute of Cleaning Science training which will keep them up-to-date with the latest and best cleaning methods for their specific duties. Management in India are hoping to ensure cleanliness on the modern transport fleet meets international standards to attract business and improve the reputation of New Delhi as a tourist destination.

BICS will deliver the training at Gurgaon, which is located just outside of the Indian capital. The accredited training is an internationally recognised standard offered by BICS International, which operates in countries throughout the world. Demand for the training programme highlights the UK’s competitiveness in the industry.

"In order to maintain world class cleanliness standards at Metro stations and surroundings, we have decided to rework its cleaning and housekeeping practices by using advanced machines, and we are also conducting a specialised training programme for our staff," the statement from Delhi Metro said.

Scrubber dryers, backpack vacuum cleaners, disposal of waste in biodegradable rubbish bags and the use of environmentally conscious cleaning chemicals are all part of the new cleaning regime, the European Cleaning Journal reports. Given that the Delhi Metro currently employs around 3,500 housekeeping staff at its 137 stations, working three shifts of eight hours each, the training could have a big impact on how procedures are carried out.

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