UK food establishments ‘failing to offer satisfactory hygiene levels’

June 26th, 2013 Category: Building Management

The consumer organisation Which? has revealed around half of UK food establishments are putting people at risk by failing to offer satisfactory hygiene levels.

Businesses in the UK come under constant scrutiny from the government to maintain good standards of cleanliness, particularly those that serve food on the premises, which is why recent findings by Which? come as a stark wake up call to organisations in the UK that are slipping behind in offering adequate hygiene levels.

A report commissioned by the consumer group based on hygiene inspections by local councils across 2,000 postcodes found that over half were putting people at risk by not taking correct care of their premises and their food operations. The report noted that urgent action is needed to tackle a food poisoning epidemic that has afflicted as many as 17 million people over the last two years.

A national system in England and Wales, overseen by the Food Standards Agency, ranks food outlets on a basis of zero to five stars in terms of hygiene. A score of zero is classed as ‘urgent improvement necessary', while five equates to ‘very good'. Which? executive director, Richard Lloyd, said: "Our investigation shows that food hygiene is an unacceptable postcode lottery.

"Diners shouldn't be taking a risk with their health simply by choosing the wrong area in which to eat out. We want everywhere that serves food to the public to display their hygiene score prominently so people can make an informed choice."

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