Keep safe, keep clean

June 26th, 2013 Category: Building Management Educational Establishments Office Cleaning

In the workplace or at school, safety is always paramount, which is why when it comes to the summer cleanout precautions must be taken to ensure the building is safe as well as clean.

Brittany Monbarren has recently published a Safety Report covering summer cleaning chores and their safety implications. There are more hazards to simply sprucing a building up than you can imagine, and it is important that safety features in any cleaning programme to ensure that the company or school don’t face nasty legal repercussions or any other negative side effects.

Before embarking on a summer clean, start by taking the time to actually break down the task and think about the safety aspects of it. If you are cleaning floors, have you considered whether there will be people nearby or whether you have chosen the right time to carry out the clean? If you’re cleaning an office, have you considered whether you will be disrupting people if you carry out a deep vacuum clean?

It is always important to follow the safety instructions and recommendations on the labels of cleaning products. Cleaning supplies can be very hazardous to your health, so taking time to read through recommendations of usage is key, as some cleaning supplies may create nasty fumes or have undesired effects on surfaces. In some instances, mixing two chemicals together can create a dangerous concoction.

Once you have planned ahead, it is important to stay vigilant when carrying out the clean. Don’t leave buckets full of cleaning chemicals or supplies lying around, and always make sure you empty any excess cleaning liquids from your buckets or put your supplies in an inaccessible area if you walk away from it for a second. Leaving buckets of dangerous cleaning chemicals around the workplace can be very hazardous.

Finally, when all the cleaning is complete and the building has been given a new lease on life, make sure to store all the cleaning supplies properly and safely. Often people finish cleaning and decide to put the equipment away later on, but it is important to avoid any accidents that all equipment and products are stored away immediately.