Computer hardware ‘key’ to office clean

June 24th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

The computer keyboard is used daily and can be a harbourer of office germs, but sanitising the equipment with a good clean is something we seldom do as part of our workplace cleaning procedure.

Tony Arthur, sales account manager for Advantage Business Supplies, told Shropshire Live that most people do not realise just how grimy computers can get. Unlike the toilets and kitchens – which are generally the first areas to be cleaned in the office – keyboards, laptops and telephones are generally overlooked when administering a good tidy of the workplace, despite the fact that they come into contact constantly day-to-day.

“It is a proven and very alarming fact that keyboards can often harbour far more germs than the average toilet seat!” he stressed.

“Many times we have heard the phrase ‘something going around the office’ but in truth, a lot of problems such as general infections can be avoided by regular cleaning of phones and computer equipment to combat against dust and germs.”

Keeping immediate desk equipment in good working order and well cleaned creates a much better working environment for employees. What’s more, it will also pay dividends for firms in time saved from related illnesses and absenteeism due to dirty equipment.

Anti-bacterial specialist wipes are the best way to combat the germs that cling to these sorts of appliances. They allow you to navigate the small cracks between the keyboard’s keys and ensure that the entire surface is left germ-free. They also do a good job of cleaning the desk top, which can become a germ magnet if people eat food at their desks or leave it uncleaned for sustained periods of time.