Met office look to outsource work

June 20th, 2013 Category: Building Management

The Met Office is looking to outsource human resources and financial service tasks to free up time and resources.

Back-office tasks at New Scotland Yard are to be operated by private firms if plans go ahead to outsource contracts worth around £800 million. The Met is also considering selling its current premises as part of cost-cutting plans in keep with the government’s austerity programme.

Outsourcing services is expected to save £500 million, the Financial Times has reported. Some 80 per cent of police spending is currently channelled to administrative tasks, which is why giving the duties to private firms could streamline the process and allow more the police budget to go directly on policing, rather than the bureaucratic components that accompany the profession. Claims that the moves will lead to a ‘privatisation’ of the police force have been rubbished by the firms involved, which have put the impetus purely on the administration of the police force.

"There are no responsible private sector companies remotely interested in privatising the powers of arrest," said Andrew Hill, head of police services at Serco. "The level of risk in that uncontrolled environment means that they wouldn't contemplate it. [But] in the context of engaging with the private sector, the real prize for police forces is not just about the back office. It is about making the entire operation better."

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