‘Office on rails’ idea submitted

June 18th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

A novel idea has been submitted by students in the north east to build an office on rails, which would allow people to conduct meetings and work while traveling on the UK’s railways.

Designs for a train carriage to allow business class passengers to hold meetings while travelling has been conceived by a student at the University of Northumbria. Lewis Cunningham, a final year Design for Industry student, has created the train carriage compartments to enable passengers to work and conduct business meetings in between destinations. The ‘Business First’ range is aimed at creating a workable rail alternative to business air travel, which is starting to provide fierce competition for rail companies as airlines increase their domestic routes.

Mr Lewis, 22, said: “Recent studies have shown that nine out of ten businesses opt towards air travel over rail and, while emissions from air travel are significantly higher than those of rail, environmental concerns alone are yet to convince many businesses to change their travel habits.

“To offer a viable alternative, the rail environment must be developed to offer clear advantages when seeking to maximise productivity during a journey rather than solely focusing on the reduction of travel times.”

The newly developed carriage interior will cater for the unique needs of on the go workers, featuring individual office booths equipped with a desk, storage and wifi connections. There is also micro-boardrooms, suit and coat hangers and an increase in communal luggage space to cater for the busy lifestyle of modern business people.

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