Tips for a thorough school holiday clean

June 17th, 2013 Category: Educational Establishments

The summer break is an ideal time to administer a thorough tidy of the school’s premises, and we have a few top tips for making the most of the holidays with a deep clean.

Cleaning companies working in schools, such as Nviro, have well-orchestrated plans for tackling cleaning duties when the school is not in session. Most will have a written plan and a template for what needs to be done, and for schools looking to administer a similar project, this is usually a good place to start.

First and foremost, considering floor treatment is a must. Foot traffic through schools is significant when classes are in session, which means the floors endure a lot of wear and tear which should be carefully treated when pupils are away. Segmenting the floor spaces into categories of general cleaning where scrubbing versus detailed stripping and refinishing is necessary, and looking to protect the surfaces with polish will ensure the longevity of the clean.

During the summer, many aspects of the classrooms and communal areas that are overlooked during the year will require attention. Although the lavatories, carpets and kitchens will get a good upkeep through the year, areas such as storage cupboards, windows and the back offices become neglected. Taking the time to address these issues during the summer recess is important.

Finally, considering there is such a big impetus on going green, the summer could be a great time to change bad cleaning habits. Evaluate the cleaning equipment and products being used will unveil how environmentally sustainable your practices are. Products that use a lot of water or electricity and are high in chemicals should be disregarded for more eco friendly alternatives, which will ensure the school is kept clean and green when term commences once again in September.