Green cleaning training ‘to encourage eco-friendly methods’

June 13th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Green cleaning techniques may be a regular part of vocational training for cleaners after a new course was approved by education organisation City & Guilds.

A firm in North East England has brought in a new training programme to get cleaning firms in the area up to scratch with eco-friendly techniques. Demand for green cleaning has soared of late as businesses look to improve their environmental credentials, and the new course underscores a general shift from cleaning companies to provide green services.

Managing director, Sue Brown, told bDaily: “There are few green cleaning companies or training available that specialise in green cleaning. The addition of this green cleaning module to the City & Guilds training will help to up-skill the industry’s workforce while encouraging the use of eco and environmentally-friendly cleaning methods.“

The purpose of the green cleaning training is about promoting effective cleaning that is safer than the traditional methods used in the industry and is critical to the future of the cleaning industry. The module will focus on ways to implement green cleaning practices, as well as how to reduce illness that arise from chemicals and the inevitable damage to the environment harmful substances can do every day from disposal.

Although there are market leaders in this area, such as Nviro, course representatives want these principles to be implemented on a wide-scale basis. Barbara Ellul, City & Guilds portfolio advisor for the Built Environment Services, said: “Ultimately I want to see every cleaning company using environmentally-friendly practises as standard.“

For companies in London or elsewhere in the South, we are certified for cleaning excellence by the BICS (British Institute of Cleaning Science) and we also take proactive steps to provide services that are as environmentally friendly as possible.