Desk space ‘a big part of the office clean’

June 5th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

The immediate desk space can have a major impact on an employees health and productivity, which is why maximum cleanliness should be ensured at all times.

We all have days when the desk can seem like a mountain of clutter. In busy periods of the year, office employees become chained to their desks, eating lunch and sometimes dinner amongst the piles of paperwork that have been strewn across the surface.

However, keeping the desk space clean the best way to keep healthy on the job, and also be as productive as possible. Here’s five things you should consider when addressing the cleanliness of your desk:

Office dining

According to a survey carried out for BBC Breakfast, more than half of office workers regularly work through their lunch hour. What’s more, almost the same amount of people believe there is a widespread culture of colleagues doing the same. This can cause personal health problems and can also attract germs, which is why dining elsewhere is well advised.


The keyboard can be a harbourer of germs thanks to the gaps in between letters and numerals. As well as ensuring the surface is thoroughly wiped down, anti-bac wipes should also be used to clean in between and around the keys.


Each desk in the office should have a bin in close proximity, but crucially, it is important that the bin is emptied and refreshed on a regular basis.


Having a filing system in place on the desk ensures that paperwork builds up in an organised and accessible manner. It is important that the worker is able to see as much desk space as possible, so filing documents in trays is a good way of achieving this.


Finally, consider plants around the desk to keep the air fresh and the immediate environment smelling nice.