Create a green office in 5 steps

June 3rd, 2013 Category: Building Management

Some 61 per cent of office workers would feel happier if their offices were more environmentally friendly, new research has revealed, although few realise how simple implementing such procedures actually are.

Becoming an environmentally-friendly workplace is often thought of as being a rigorous and difficult thing to implement. But businesses shouldn’t just consider the environment costs of their day-to-day procedures, but also the economic costs, and how bad practices could be hurting the businesses bottom line.

A recent survey found 42 per cent of office workers believe the economic crisis has made it even more important to make the workplace sustainable. In order to give businesses a helping hand – as well as outline how simple a sustainability overhaul could be – we’ve compiled five quick steps to going eco-friendly and saving some much-needed cash in the process.

Keep it off

Offices are a hotbed of energy-sapping appliances which often run unnoticed. At night, all lights, computers and other electrical gizmos should be turned off, thus ensuring that for 16 hours of the day, electricity isn’t being used unnecessarily.

Cut it out

In a digital age, having streams of paper and documentation is unnecessary and costly. Cutting the amount of paper being used will substantially reduce business costs, and setting up recycling centres will take care of the other waste generated during the working day.   

Keep fit

Walking or cycling to work is by far the most eco-friendly form of transport and can also help you keep fit and healthy. For business managers, promoting alternative travel methods such as carpooling and cycling is important, and ensuring that the right facilities are in place to cater for such travel methods is also key.

Involve the staff

No list of carbon-cutting solutions will ever be exhaustive, so involve the rest of the company in reducing emissions by coming up with some creative solutions. Encouraging staff to create their own personal ‘green’ space on their desks is a good way of keeping people proactively involved.

Keep it clean

Contracting an environmentally-friendly cleaning service, such as Nviro, is a great way of ensuring that the day-to-day building management tasks are being completed in an ethical and efficient fashion.