Demand for ‘smart’ building management on the rise

May 29th, 2013 Category: Building Management

Demand for smart building management is on the rise as companies become more conscious of the impact they are having on the environment.

State-of-the-art buildings are increasingly being constructed with the environment in mind to attract eco-friendly companies which are putting an emphasis on being socially responsible. Demand for more energy-efficient, lower-cost buildings is on the up, and smart building management is also having to adapt as a result. In times of austerity, marrying environmentally friendly efforts with cost cutting practices has also come into vogue, something that is being exercised through several methods.


Building-automation technologies are commonplace in new commercial properties and are also starting to replace old management systems in established buildings. New entrants into the market are offering additional managed services that could ultimately help commercial building owners and operators achieve greater efficiencies, and cloud services are providing  an opportunity to simplify the process of improving energy efficiency by combining multiple buildings’ systems.


This is placing more control in the hands of the building manager, ensuring that energy use and water utilities are being utilised in the most efficient manner possible. We now expect toilet lights to turn themselves on as and when is needed, and we are familiar with water-saving methods such as two-tiered flush systems, which effectively manage how much water is required per usage.


One aspect that can be overlooked is cleaning responsibilities, but making a change in this is easier than expected and can provide just as big an impact. By contracting an environmentally sustainable cleaning company, such as Nviro, building managers can be assured that the day-to-day clean is both thorough and eco-friendly. This is another credential that can be shown off to prospective companies, and could prove to be a major pull.