London makes getting to work greener

May 24th, 2013 Category: Building Management

Sustainable building management is an excellent way of polishing your company’s green credentials, however, getting to work is equally as important in ensuring businesses are doing all they can to protect the environment.

Thankfully, companies with headquarters or offices in London are being presented with several alternative ways of getting to work in a more sustainable manner. Several recent developments will come as a great relief to firms who are doing all they can in the workplace, only to be stifled by petrol-guzzling buses and bike-restricting roads. To help you promote a few of them, we’ve compiled a list of what’s changing in London to make commuting more eco-friendly.

Green Bus

You might have already noticed a new bus design traversing the congested streets of London, but what you may not be aware of is its green credentials. The Routemaster-inspired bus, which runs on diesel and electricity, has been touted by the mayor as "the greenest double decker hybrid in the world", and are achieving 6.1 miles per gallon on selected routes compared to the traditional diesel buses, which run at 5.3 mpg.

According to Transport for London (TfL), the buses produce a quarter of the nitrogen oxide (NOx) of a standard bus and emit far less carbon dioxide (CO2) than the average fleet. The buses are currently on trial, but the preliminary results certainly look encouraging.

Bike routes and rental

Mayor Boris Johnson recently unveiled a $1.51 billion master plan to improve the city’s bicycle network. The plan also includes an ambitious ‘Crossrail for Bike’ – a 15-mile bicycle highway segregated from road traffic that will connect the suburbs of East and West London. This will make it easier for your staff to cycle to and from work, and will support the many rental bikes that already line the pavements in the capital.

Out of the ordinary

For those of us that have to carry a bootload of equipment to work, cycling might seem out of the question. However, London Green Cycles specialises in tricycles, cargo bikes and custom fabrications that have previously seen bikes converted into cocktail bars, mobile dustbins and postal vehicles. They have also been commissioned to create a mobile market stall and mobile kitchen.