Green the office environment with eco-friendly cleaning

May 22nd, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Businesses are doing all they can to become more environmentally friendly these days, but it is often the overlooked elements of corporate procedure that are causing the most harm.

Recycling bins, carpooling and print-less workplaces are commonplace in today’s business environment as more companies instigate eco-friendly policies. However, many of the rudimentary aspects of corporate procedure are often overlooked, such as cleaning and general office keep.

Kate Harrison, a Forbes Magazine contributor, said: “Although most people do not realise it, many of the cleaning products we use in our homes and offices are toxic to our health and damaging to the environment. In fact, the air inside most offices is between two and five times more polluted than the air outside!”

Thankfully, there are many good, non-toxic alternatives to replace the harmful toxins currently in use. What’s more, for building and facilities management, there are eco-friendly firms which specialise in providing green cleaning solutions, which can reduce the toxicity of the space surrounding you and your colleagues.

But the improvements to the cleaning practices shouldn’t just impact your business internally. If you switch to green cleaners, let your customers and clients know about it! Ms Harrison recommends adding a blurb to the ‘going green’ section of your website and/or send out a small announcement in your newsletters. “Today’s consumers like to work with companies that care, and our small eco-friendly choices really do add up,” she adds.

At Nviro, we have 1,700 staff and 1,500 cleaners working to deliver green cleaning solutions to businesses throughout the UK. Every day we clean 1.4 million square metres of floor space for 130 public and private sector organisations across 600 sites in the South East of England. We are certified as eco-friendly cleaners and strive to deliver the best services with as little environmental damage as possible.