Creating a ‘green office’ legacy

May 20th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Green Office Week has once again managed to spread awareness of the importance of being green in the working environment, but it is now up to companies to implement new policies and practices in order to instil a legacy.

A new study released in the run-up to Green Office Week revealed that only 42 per cent of office workers thought in these tough economic times it makes good sense for their workplaces to be more sustainable, but what they might be missing is both the financial and environmental gains of becoming more sustainable. Douglas Stewart, CEO of Green Energy UK, has compiled some useful tips for ‘greening-up’ the workplace in the Huffington Post, reminding us that regardless of whether you have heard them before, the main question should be whether you are doing something about it.

The first point of call when addressing the office’s environmental standing is to look at how much paper is being circulated around the office, and whether more can be done to reduce that amount. Cutting out all printing might seem a little extreme, but in a digital world there are so many alternatives to printing that it could infact be completely feasible, which is something that must be assessed.

Energy consumption can also seem too crucial to cut back on, but switching off lights and shutting down devices when they’re not in use can significantly impact the company’s environmental record. Assessing what lighting is in use in the office is also important, as new bulbs could cut energy consumption considerably and thus drive down costs.

Considering how people get to and from work is a popularly cited way of cutting the environmental impact. Cars are often necessary for workers, but alternatives should be actively encouraged. Carpooling or using public transport are the obvious alternatives, but riding a bike or walking to work could easily cut car use down, and it is important that businesses have the facilities to cater for these alternatives.

Finally, simply addressing the company’s cleaning practices is a good way of becoming more environmentally-friendly without having a massive impact on the company’s current procedures. At Nviro, we have an outstanding environmental record which can be seamlessly implemented into your workspace, helping you keep your premises tidy while improving your carbon footprint at the same time.