Public facility users kept ‘appy’

May 13th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

A new app has been released in Singapore which gives the location of the nearest public facility as well as ratings on its level of cleanliness.

The innovative technology is available on Android smartphones and tablets and allows those on the go to find a clean toilet in Singapore and give feedback on its upkeep. The tool will therefore be able to identify the best and worst facilities in the city, with people being able to pinpoint and comment on public facilities and to see those given three, four or five stars.

The Restroom Association of Singapore (RAS), a non-profit group, said it is: “Leveraging on the 'crowdsourcing' trend and technology to recognise clean toilets and encourage socially responsible behaviour.

"The mobile app also facilitates the collection of information by the RAS volunteers during mystery audits of toilets under the Happy Toilet Programme,"

A survey by the organisation last year found that the foulest toilets in Singapore tend to be in coffee shops, markets, bus terminals, food courts and subway stations, whereas the cleanest facilities were in government offices, hospitals and restaurants. Bad design and poor cleaning were cited by the study as the cause of the worst facilities, although ‘irresponsible users’ were thought to be the biggest offenders, with an overwhelming 79 per cent saying the poor state of public facilities was down to these people.

In the UK, our broad range of public facilities may see the adoption of a similar app come into play. For schools and offices, having a regular cleaning service with experience of the market is essential, especially as people become more vocal about the state of facilities.