Blackpool launches ‘Tidy our Town’ project

May 10th, 2013 Category: Building Management

A former resident of Blackpool has launched a new project to make the town look more presentable and attractive to visitors.

Louise Nickson has launched a new project called ‘Tidy our Town’ in an attempt to clean the streets and make the centre more respectable. The Blackpool Gazette reported that Mrs Nickson is looking to get support from groups and individuals across the town to pick up litter, revamp rundown areas and re-instate the town’s Blue Flag status, which is a water quality standard last awarded to the town in 2010.

The move comes after Talbot Road, in the town centre, came under criticism from a Conservative councilor at Blackpool Council. The politician called the road “a dump” and “a terrible advert for the town”, which was once a tourist favorite in the UK.

Mrs Nickson said: “I moved away from Blackpool to live in London and what struck me when I moved back was how people were a little resentful and winged about the state of the town but weren’t doing anything about it. The ambition is to clean Blackpool up.

“I’m talking to Tidy Britain to get their support and we are looking to collect 250 bags of litter and get sponsorship from businesses to do things including some painting.”

Fred Jackson, cabinet member for streets and transport, said he was enthused to see people taking pride in their town and showing willingness to keep it clean. He went on to say that although employed cleaners operate around the town centre every day, it’s good to see local people are willing to help with the task.