Renovate your desk space in nine steps

May 8th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

A dirty and cluttered desk space is a major drain on productivity, but all too often the cleanliness of the immediate work space is overlooked. To give you a helping hand on renovating your desk space, Esquire magazine has compiled a nine-step guide to keeping things in order.

First thing to consider is a desk light, which will help improve upon the soporific LED glare buzzing from the ceiling. A small measure of control it may be, but it is remarkable how much a localised lighting source can improve your temperament.

Next up, create a ‘current pile’ of tasks that need to be completed, ensuring that your tasks are in your line of sight. This should be accompanied by a pile of jobs whose existence you are denying, which will ensure that all tasks are out in the open, rather than being cooped up in the back of your mind.

De-cluttering the desk is a really important factor, as studies have shown that a cluttered desk can hamper productivity and create mental chaos for workers. Bringing in a personal photo to take the mind off work can also create avenues in which people can escape. A motivational quote or picture can work in the same way, even if it is printed on a coffee mug or on the back of a pencil case.

Headphones can be a good way of zoning out and reducing the amount of office-based noise, and are entirely acceptable in today’s working environment. A good screensaver and creating an open space are also deemed important, providing a personalised space to get on with work.

Of course, the most important aspect of a good workspace is cleanliness, and having a schedule of regular office cleans in place can make the office an altogether better place to be.