Improve the office scent by keeping it clean

April 30th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

The office scent might not be at the top of your company’s priorities, but it can significantly impact productivity and people’s perception of the business.

Walking into an office, as an employee or client, can have a significant impact on the perception of the business. The first look around and the smell in the air can determine whether the company is ambitious and organised, or its a poorly run operation with little chance of success. For that reason, taking a little more care of the workplace environment is essential in projecting the right business vibe.

Smell isn’t always something that is considered first, but it is equally as important as the way an office looks. Thankfully, when it comes to office cleaning, making the place smell fresh and look clean are often two birds that can be killed with the same stone.

Tidying up, for example, and keeping the workplace in good condition ensures that any nasty odours that might be lying around are replaced with clean smells that are also hygienic. Opening a window up will also keep the place fresh, as well as blowing out the cobwebs and dust that might be lying around. If that doesn’t do the trick, a good dusting gives the office added freshness and makes it look far more appealing.

There are also various scented products that can be used in the office. Candles and scented sticks may be a little much for the everyday business, but there is a selection of automated devices that use electricity to do the same thing. Remember, most cleaning products have lasting fresh smells, so a good regular clean is probably the best way of keeping on top of things.