How to eradicate office germs

April 30th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Absenteeism collectively costs UK businesses billions of pounds every year, largely because there are rarely office-based procedures in place to eradicate the spread of germs.

The office, like any communal gathering, can be a harbourer of germs. Surfaces come into regular contact with a large number of people, and it should be no surprise that germs get passed on easily when at work. But there are several things that a company can do to prevent high levels of absenteeism by putting measures in place to mitigate the spread of germs.

In the wake of the Swine Flu epidemic there is an increasing amount of sanitiser being kept in handbags and around desks. Businesses should ensure that germ-killing substances are readily available in the office, placing them in the reception and kitchen, for example, or even distributing a bunch to the staff.

Antibacterial wipes do a similar job and should be a focal part of the everyday office clean. Equipment that comes into regular contact with people should be thoroughly wiped down, such as personal desk items and communal tech such as the fax machine, printer and the coffee pot or door handles.

From a personal perspective, simply washing your hands on a regular basis and not slipping into nasty habits such as chewing your pen can significantly cut down your chances of getting ill. In an age of flexible working, most employees can stay at home if they become stick and thus cut the chances of spreading the germs.

For the company, hiring a good cleaning service and getting regular cleans is the best way forward. Specialist companies with a good idea of how to give the office a thorough clean can substantially reduce the spread of germs and absenteeism, even if they visit a couple of times a week.