Sir Mervyn King supports Green Office Week

April 19th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Governor of the Bank of England Sir Mervyn King has shown his support for sustainable office environments by becoming a goodwill ambassador for Good Office Week in South Africa.

The issue of creating environmentally friendly workplaces has become a common topic of late, considering that most of us spend the lion’s share of our working week stuck at our place of work. But it still remains an overlooked aspect of our green agenda. In South Africa, an awareness week has been set up to promote environmentally sustainable policies in the workplace, and many of the key teachings are applicable to the UK.

The vision of Green Office Week is threefold. First of all, the campaigners hope to encourage organisations to start seeing themselves as eco-friendly workplaces and develop green office practices and policies. Secondly, they will look to encourage management to implement and maintain sustainable practices into their workplaces, and finally, workers are to be encouraged to take a look at daily routines and realise the economic benefits of reducing energy and resource requirements.

What is of particular interest is the emphasis on company-wide policies. Often when it comes to overhauling company procedure or making changes in specific areas, the responsibility can be delegated and not seen as a holistic company goal. This year, the South African organisation is looking to alter this perception.

Ana-Maria Valente, Green Office Week spokeswoman, said: "The event was designed to empower workers to realise that everyone – from the office cleaner to the managing director – can make a positive impact on the environment while in the office.

"During the week, organisations focus on how to improve their recycling, waste management, water and energy conservation, buying green and reducing carbon footprint. This year’s motto is Lead the Team — Keep it Green which aims to get all working citizens to be active in motivating not only themselves but those around them as well to have better values.”