Five steps to keeping the office fresh

April 15th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Winter has a habit of leaving a mark at home and in the office space, but as the sun begins to shine, now is the time to inject a new lease of life into the company’s premises with a few simple building management steps.

Say it tentatively – because nothing in the UK is for certain – but it would seem as though Spring is finally here. Double figures have finally returned to the weather forecasts and the warm breezes are certainly a welcome change from the bitterly cold gusts that have shrouded the country of late.

As the outdoors gets a good Spring revamp, now is a good time to start thinking about the company’s indoor work environment. Here’s five steps to keeping the office fresh.

1) Declutter

Decluttering the office doesn’t just act as a precursor to a deep clean, it can also improve employee attitudes and improve visitor perceptions of the company. A tidy office means a tidy mind, and customers and clients can be encouraged by seeing an organised workspace.

2) Blitzing the winter dust

One of the most prominent winter remains is dust, and blitzing the nooks and crannies that harbour dust particles will lead to a healthier office environment and one that feels much fresher. If possible, open the windows more now the sun has arrived, which will allow nature to run its course through the workspace.

3) Tackle the walls

The walls are usually a forgotten segment of the office clean, but for a complete Spring tidy, they need taking care of too. This also requires cleaning the curtains and blinds, which can become particularly dirty through the winter season.

4) Polish the windows

Polished windows are the best way of ensuring the office looks good inside and out. Windows are often overlooked during an office clean, but they are one area where the signs of cleanliness are most highlighted, which is why extra attention should be paid.

5) Finish with the floors

After the cleaning is completed, the final stage is giving the floor a good clean. The vacuum offers assurance that all the dust particles collected when dusting will be disposed of, and so don’t be shy with the vac’s nozzle.