Greening the office ‘can ensure long-term survival of your business’

April 12th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Greening the office doesn’t have to cost the world, and if the findings of a recent report are to be believed, it could ensure the long-term survival of your business.

The US National Intelligence Council (NIC) has recently released a study looking into the spiraling costs of maintaining an office space, compared to the savings that can be made from adopting an eco-friendly outlook. The Global Trends 2030 report found that energy costs alone could grow by 25 per cent over the next ten years, and business leaders seem worryingly unaware of the escalating problems this could cause.

Tom Delay, chief executive of the UK’s Carbon Trust, told BBC News that many businesses could be “sleepwalking into a resource crunch”, as demand for food, water and energy escalates prices dramatically. .

Carbon Trust recently carried out a study of executives in Brazil, China, Korea, the UK and the US, asking about their companies' approach to sustainability. The results showed that more than half had not set goals for reducing water consumption, waste production or carbon emissions, and a quarter of companies had no-one with a specific responsibility for sustainability issues.

"One reason that companies are stalling on taking action on resource and sustainability appears to be that they still see this as an obligation and a cost," says Mr Delay.

Interestingly, adopting a clean technology approach doesn’t cost all that much, and such a scheme could be vital in ensuring the long-term survival of the company. Installing solar panels, for example, costs half what it did three years ago, while improvements in energy-efficient lighting mean businesses can now save millions on their electricity bills.

Adopting environmentally-friendly cleaning practices can also substantially drive down costs, as well as improve the company's carbon footprint. We have a range of services that enable businesses to stay green and clean. For a comprehensive list, please click here.