Going green: beyond the obvious

April 3rd, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Greening the office is beneficial for several obvious reasons, but there are also many not so clear incentives for making the office more environmentally sustainable that could tip companies into action.

A recent infographic by Metrofax has looked to demystify some of the less obvious reasons for implementing environmental procedures into the office environment, finding that companies are less incentivised to make changes if the impacts aren’t noticeably visible. In today’s age when shareholders often take a large stake in the company, making green changes has to have a mitigated impact on the organisation’s margins to be justifiable, and the long-term benefits also must be clear to see. Thankfully, new research has revealed several steps in which a company can become green and in doing so save a good deal of money.

Metrofax, based in the US, calculate that if corporate buses were used in San Francisco to shuttle staff to work, 28.7 million vehicle miles traveled by car would be eliminated, cutting 12 billion grams of CO2 in the immediate county alone. If the top 25 per cent of the employees in the top ten Fortune 500 companies commuted by shuttle instead of driving cars, roughly 1.5 trillion grams of CO2 would be cut from the air.

Reducing or eliminating waste can have a similar impact by limiting the air and water pollution caused by landfills. Conducting a waste audit is the best way to start here, and you are likely to find huge cost savings come from cutting back on the amount of things the business throws out. Energy is also a potential windfall of environmental savings, with LED lights expected to cut energy consumption in the commercial sector by 35 per cent by 2030.

One of the last places companies expect to make an environmental impact is in their cleaning services. Using a green service provider can help significantly reduce the company’s carbon footprint, and it isn’t an extra cost on what the business would normally be paying out.