Green cleaning ‘must be effective’ to be attractive to business

April 2nd, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Environmentally-friendly cleaning processes within the work environment must be as effective as they are green, according to Tom Morrison of Kaivac, who recently told the Environmental Leader that businesses need to see the cost effectiveness of green cleaning in order for it to be appealing.

Even the longtime advocates of environmentally responsible cleaning products will admit that all cleaning must be effective in order to meet the ultimate goal of protecting human health, as well as being attractive to business. In times of austerity, changing to a green cleaning company can seem like an unnecessary addition to some business, but if the service can be showcased as being cost-efficient, then it could become a lot more appealing.

In the US, the Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI) has been established to highlight the positive benefits green cleaning methods can have on the business. Jim Harris, CIRI’s chairman of the board, said: “There are times when decisions are made to go green that can have an impact on the actual cleaning process, resulting in a less healthy environment.

“The goal of CIRI is to place cleaning practices on a solid scientific basis… to ensure that green [cleaning] practices provide effective cleaning and sanitation.”

As part of their ongoing studies, the research group has selected five healthcare facilities in the States and adopted three green cleaning practices to varying degrees. The first is selecting recognised green cleaning chemicals, tools and equipment in the day-to-day cleaning of the establishment. Operational changes will also be enforced, as well as incorporating building designs that reduce the need for cleaning or facilities cleaning efficiency.

For businesses in the UK looking to improve the environmental impact of their building or even drive down cleaning costs, implementing similar methods is likely to yield the desired returns. Outsourcing these responsibilities can be the quickest and most efficient way of achieving this, and nviro has a range of services which are available to view here.