Scottish school wins eco makeover

March 27th, 2013 Category: Educational Establishments

A primary school in Scotland has won an eco makeover competition and will soon be benefiting from energy efficiency measures worth up to £135,000, the Evening Times has reported.

The news provider has recently teamed up with British Gas to award the donation as part of the company’s Generation Green education programme, which has been designed to help schools save energy and reduce their bills. The firm will now work with St Albert’s primary school in Glasgow  to see what measures can be introduced, such as solar panels, new room thermostats and a more efficient boiler.

Scotland's deputy first minister Nicola Sturgeon visited the school after the award had been announced and was given a tour by the eco committee, showing her some of the environmentally friendly measures they have already introduced. These include a greenhouse made of recycled plastic bottles, as well as an indoor eco garden full of plantpots made from unusual objects.

Primary teacher Antonia Brooks, who coordinates the committee, explained: "We asked parents and members of the community to donate anything we could turn into planters and we got some weird and wonderful stuff.

"We have a rainforest plant growing in a recycled toilet, welly boots, an old potty and a teapot full of plants. We even have a dog made out of old rubber boots."

Schools looking to implement more environmentally-friendly policies should also be aware of the cleaning practices they use on the premises. School cleaning can often make use of harmful chemical products which have detrimental environmental effects, and considering more green cleaning methods is a big step in the right direction.

Ms Sturgeon told the Evening Times: "By educating young children about the benefits of energy efficiency, they take what they learn out into the wider community. The children at St Albert's Primary are fantastic and it's great to see such enthusiasm. They have worked very hard already and winning the competition will really boost their efforts."