Student blogger promotes clean learning environments

March 25th, 2013 Category: Educational Establishments

A student blogger has canvassed the opinions of teachers and pupils on whether  the cleanliness of a school impacts how people learn, finding that an overwhelming majority thought a clean school promoted a better learning environment.

School cleaning is often considered the responsibility of the management – and for a large part it is – but that doesn’t mean the students themselves can’t chip in. That’s the opinion of Keylee Lawrence, who recently wrote a short blog for the Rising Star detailing ways in which students can help keep their learning environments clean. According to the student blogger, the best way to motivate students is to give them credit for completing cleaning tasks, even if that’s simply recognition for picking things up from the floor.

Student Brittany Catalano, 14, said, “This idea is a great idea and I totally agree with it. Picking a piece of paper off the ground is nothing and everyone should be able to do it. When it comes to buying things to better the school, extra credit should be given because you’re giving back to the school and you’re trying to make it a better place".

Incentivising students to take care of their own learning environment has become a popular concept in Britain, with a new programme being implemented in a Scottish school to incentivise students to take on cleaning responsibilities. Islay High School have solved recruitment problems they were having for cleaning staff by making a rota of eight willing pupils with each working around three hours per week.

The programme will be no obstruction to their studies and will be an opportunity to earn and do some honest physical work, the school said, as well as being an attitude changer when fellow pupils deposit the ubiquitous chewing gum in places  a classmate has worked to clean.