Car showrooms to become ‘more interactive’

March 19th, 2013 Category: Building Management

Car showrooms are becoming increasingly digitised as companies look to incorporate technology to make their dealership more interactive.

Most car showrooms today consist with a range of well cleaned models along with desk stations dotted around the room equipped with computers and paper contracts. However, that may all be a thing of the past as manufacturers increasingly look to digitise the showroom space to give the customer a more interactive experience.

The modernisation has already become a reality in some cases, with German car manufacturer Audi unveiling plans to open more digital showrooms in London following the success of its pioneering Piccadilly store. The new showrooms allow visitors to view the entire Audi range using interactive software, and has recorded remarkable success since its opening six months ago. It has already doubled sales year-on-year, according to Audi UK boss Martin Sander, who revealed that 80 per cent of the customers purchasing models were new to the brand.

Richard Tavernor, the director of motor dealer technology company iVendi, told AM Online that this type of thing is set to become much more common. He said the longwinded procedure of sitting at a desk with a salesperson before taking a test drive is outdated, so much so that the experience can puncture the feelgood balloon that the customer experiences when buying a car.

“The truth is that, in 2013, there is no need for the process to be so static,” he said. “Much can be achieved using a tablet while you are sitting in the car with the customer, or you could perhaps take them through an options ‘wall’ or screen installed in the dealership. There are all kinds of fairly cost-effective possibilities.”

In the future, dealerships are expected to be much more kinetic, with technology such as tablets enabling companies to keep the showroom an exciting place to be.