Office cleaning in the skyscraper age

March 14th, 2013 Category: Building Management

Any property developer will tell you that there is nothing more chaotic than town planning laws. In Britain, as our urban centres have grown the ability to expand out has diminished, and consequently construction firms have been forced to reach for the skies in order to meet growing demand for office space within central hubs.

But the changing face of the urban centre hasn’t just caused problems for commercial property developers. Building management has also had to face up to the altering dynamics of city-centre buildings, with more floors and public spaces than ever now in need of being routinely serviced.

This has placed a great demand on outsourced cleaning companies who have the skills, expertise and, most importantly, staff on hand to keep the building in good shape. Considering that high rise buildings usually comprise of tens if not hundreds of companies, the requirement  of having holistic building management solutions has certainly gone up of late.

But consider the outside of these buildings. Most new build offices span hundreds of metres into the sky, with places such as London and Manchester now dwarfed by rooftops that flirt within touching distance of the sky line. The Shard, for example, London’s prominent ‘cheese-grater’ building, stands at 309.6 metres (1,016 ft) high and is the tallest building in the European Union and the second-tallest in Europe after the Mercury City Tower in Moscow.

In response to these new gigantic dimensions, a new robotic window washer has been developed which can hang precariously outside office windows on a swinging platform and clean in the region of 576 square meters per hour. The new device has been designed to clean solar panels, but with the demand for urban office space continuing to rise, don’t be surprised to see more robotic devices clinging to windows in the near future.