What to include on an office cleaning checklist

March 12th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

The end of the corporate calendar is usually a great time to do the annual office clearout, but knowing where to start and which areas of the office need taking care of can be a real headache. To help get you started, we’ve compiled a quick checklist for the best commercial clean.

Before you get underway, here’s a few motivation titbits that you should be aware of. Clean office spaces have been found to substantially increase productivity. Desks that are clutter-free can also lead to an uncluttered thought process, and general cleanliness throughout the office has been found to increase employee morale and perception of the company. A clean workspace can also lower absenteeism by creating a healthier environment where germs and viruses cannot be spread, once again improving the quality and quantity of work produced while in the office.

The best place to start when conducting a thorough office clean is in the general workspace itself. Ensure that all bins have been emptied and general rubbish and clutter from the area has been removed. Once the surfaces are clean, organise all other equipment into a small area and thoroughly clean the surfaces. Any hardware on the desk should also get a good wipe down, and any pots, mugs or utensils should be sent through the dishwasher before being returned.

Next up is the dreaded bathrooms. Wash areas can be a harbourer of germs and so it’s important that the right chemicals are used to disinfect all surfaces and keep them clean. Once again, start by emptying bins and removing the clutter. You then need to clean all the surfaces in sight, from the toilets to the urinals, mirrors, wash basins and hand towel cabinets. Mop and clean the entire area once you’ve finished up.

General communal areas are the first thing staff and customers see, so make sure they have been thoroughly dusted down and smell fresh. If you have plants dotted about, ensure they look healthy and are well watered. The final job of the day is to grab the hoover and ensure you don’t leave a single inch of carpet untouched. After a day’s dusting, now is the time to get rid of the mess for good, so don’t be afraid to get on your hands and knees and de-nozzle the vac!