Sex Pistols play ‘tiny Nottingham venue’

March 8th, 2013 Category: Building Management

Sex Pistols bassist – co-writer of Anarchy and Pretty Vacant, among others – is set to play a sell-out show in Nottingham to just 45 people.

Venue cleaning for the band was once a gigantic ask, with arenas and stadiums having to be cleared after sell out shows to tens of thousands of people. However, the job looks like it will be a lot simpler this weekend as the band’s bassist Glen Matlock appears in front of a capacity crowd of just 45 at Foremans Bar in the shadow of the Cornerhouse.

The venue is regarded as Nottingham’s smallest, and has only ever showcased one gig before. With no stage, no backstage and no dressing room, the concert will certainly be far removed from the stadium and arena tours Matlock will be accustomed to. The other issue – of a single bar – may also prove tough to contend with!

Jason Whittle, manager of the venue, told Nottingham Post: “There's a cellar and a ladies toilet downstairs but that's it.

"But I've been upfront with Glen Matlock and all the other musicians I'm booking in. They're up for it and I think they're going to enjoy it."

Mr Whittle went on to say that they are trying to recreate the ‘DIY ethic’ from the punk era, which saw many bands pick and choose venues at a whim and rock up in front of small crowds, as well as the bustling arena tours. After taking the bar over 15 years ago it has become renowned for playing good punk music, but it wasn’t until October 2012, when the government passed the Live Music Act, that he decided to give the live scene a go.

"I was quite nervous as to whether it would work but it was great," Mr Whittle said, adding that "the sound was brilliant”. A PA system is already set up in the bar after his own band chose it as a rehearsal venue. Mr Whittle concluded: "To have Glen Matlock for our second show is quite a coup. He's a highly respected musician throughout the world. If he enjoys it and spreads the word, who knows who we might get to play."