Make your office routine green

March 7th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

We’ve all experienced carbon footprint guilt at one time or another, particularly in an age where global warming news is ever present and tales of an arctic meltdown constantly appear on the TV. But it can be reassuring to know that living an eco-friendly life can be really quite simple. Here are a few suggestions on how to make your office routine green, without living like a prehistoric caveman.

Bringing greenery into the office is a great way of improving the air you breathe as well as reducing odours and improving the look of the office. Working in computer zones can have quite a negative effect on workers, and adding a little green to the office has been scientifically proven to improve employee productivity.

Making lunches at home and transporting them in reusable containers can cut down the amount of waste in the office considerably. Tupperware boxes can be purchased at a very cheap price in most stores and you are likely to find that home-made meals are far more economical than buying lunches from the shop.

Computers can actually be environmentally-friendly if the right care is taken. Emails, for example, are much better for the environment than printing things out, and as long as the machine gets to snooze at lunch and sleep at night, the carbon damage can be significantly mitigated. This goes for the office in general, and signs should be made to ensure that all lights and devices have been shut off after use.

Finally, consider how frequently you use general office appliances. According to Friends of the Earth, if every UK office worker used just one less staple per year, it would save 120 tons of steel. Other office bits, such as plastic mugs and paper cups should be cut down on. Simply bringing in your own mug and stationary can help here.