Building a motivational office

March 1st, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Businesses have been urged to improve office conditions after a spate of statistics revealed the detrimental impact a poor working environment can have on the British workforce.

The Metro’s Ross McGuinness has recently unveiled a long list of  figures which prove the importance of maintaining a healthy office environment. Speaking to System Concepts founder Tom Stewart, he explained how the revealings have helped to show how little changes around the workplace can improve office morale significantly.

For example, did you know that raising the office temperature from 20 degrees to 25 degrees reduces staff errors by 44 per cent? With 55 per cent of British office workers admitting to feel discontented with the temperature of their office, it is amazing how much impact these small changes can have.

“If it’s too cold, people will complain but they’ll probably be working quite well. If it’s too hot, people will fall asleep and probably not do anything,” Mr Stewart said. When it comes to office temperatures, anything between 21 degrees and 24 degrees is ideal.

Another small improvement that can be made is the office’s exposure to natural light. “We’re outdoor creatures,” said Mr Stewart, “It’s not really natural for us to be stuck indoors, away from windows all the time”. One in three office workers admitted to been unhappy with the lack of daylight, and bad lighting has been proved to lower morale.

Keeping the office nice and clean is obviously very important for employee morale. Working in a place that feels dirty and cluttered can impact how the worker perceives their job, which is why a good spring clean can be the best way to bully spirits in the workplace.