Taking control of office wiring

February 27th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

In an age of interconnectivity the office can become a jungle, with wires flowing from every device imaginable as employees embrace new tech trends. But in order to mitigate dangerous hazards and prevent the workspace becoming something of an eyesore, business leaders should be doing all they can to keep those cables tamed.

Look underneath your desk, does it resemble a fishing net of tangled cables, power bricks and distribution sockets? If so, it’s probably the right time to take action in order to keep the office space clean and presentable. Not only will this improve general office morale and keep you and your employees safe, but it will also create a positive picture of the company for anyone visiting the firm. 

Thankfully there are a range of solutions out there that can help keep wires tamed without breaking the bank. First of all, you should consider a little bit of DIY. Binder clips, two-sided tape, cable clips and simple bindings can be found at any hardware outlet and should be utilised around the office to keep wires neat and presentable. Before setting off to work it can often be worthwhile labelling the plugs up. If a device needs unplugging or re-wiring at any point this will save plenty of time.

One of the most prevalent causes of cable chaos in the office is chargers. Most people walk around with countless amounts of devices about their person which usually sap the office energy by getting plugged into whatever socket is available. A good way to mitigate this chaos is by building a hidden charging station, with an adapter hidden away inside a box with all the common charging plugs flowing through holes. This is a quick and cheap way of reducing cable clutter in the workspace.

You may also want to consider hiding cables with foam pipe insulation, storing extension cords in a tangle-free paper towel tube or getting under-desk cables off the floor using a wire basket.