Bring the outside in’ to create sustainable office environment

February 25th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Corporate responsibility and environmentally-friendly procedures come in all shapes and sizes, but creating a green office space could be as simple as bringing the outside in.

It goes without saying that implementing recycling policies and using sustainable cleaning methods should be part of the office routine, but for those businesses that want to go one step further, ionizing your office space with greenery could be just the trick.

Mark Whitman told the "Houseplants filter the air naturally, absorb odours and improve the look of the office. Peace lilies and spider plants also help to create negative ions to counteract the positive ionization given off by electrical equipment in a small space.

"If possible, try and place house plants in and around your work space in order to make a clean working space that will enhance your psychological well-being and increase productivity."

Indeed, a recent study by Virginia Lohr and colleagues at the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, Washington State University, revealed that adding plants to a windowless workplace improved worker productivity by 12 per cent and significantly reduced stress. Participants in the study also reported that they felt more attentive.

So which plants are the best to use around the office space? Well, the Areca Palm is particularly good at keeping the air nice and clean thanks to its huge fronds, which are especially effective at filtering airborne particles. Peppermint plants can also increase your alertness and enhance your memory, according to recent studies, as well as suppressing your appetite (added bonus). Other plants to consider include the English Ivy, Lemon Balm, Golden Pothos and Gardenia, which can live for 25 years and has been found to improve your emotional outlook.