Audi rolls out more digital showrooms

February 21st, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

German car manufacturer Audi has announced plans to open more digital showrooms in London following the success of its pioneering Piccadilly store.

The digital showroom, which allows visitors to view the entire Audi range using interactive software, recorded remarkable success since its opening six months ago. It has already doubled sales year-on-year, according to Audi UK boss Martin Sander, who revealed that 80 per cent of the customers purchasing models were new to the brand.

Furthermore, a similar amount of people purchased cars without taking test drives, which highlights the effectiveness of the visual demonstrations consumers get in the revolutionary showrooms. The kit levels of the cars ordered also increased rapidly, aided by the real-life visualisations which are offered to visitors in the sales centre.

"Traditionally, that showroom sold cars to people who lived in the area, but now it has a far wider customer base, and the digital experience is really capturing the imagination of customers," Mr Sander said.

"It is an experience we hope we can take to other dealerships on a smaller scale, as well as in to major cities elsewhere globally."

The next showroom of this type is set to be opened shortly in Beijing, with the car manufacturer estimating that it will have opened 20 city-centre stores worldwide by 2015. The global campaign shows how innovative sales techniques can significantly boost purchases, as well as showing the effectiveness of a well-presented showroom.

For firms unable to splash out on digital visualisations, a bit of showroom cleaning is likely to increase sales and improve the brand's image. Hiring a cleaning contractor is usually the best way to go here, ensuring that all spaces are in the best condition possible.