Neglecting cleanliness could be a warehouse nightmare

February 20th, 2013 Category: Building Management

A food storage warehouse in Leicester has had to be temporarily shut down because of infestations of rats and mice, it has been reported, highlighting the importance of cleanliness in the operations departments.

Warehouse cleaning might not be a number one priority for businesses, but failing to keep on top of cleanliness in the operations department could be a costly mistake. Although most organisations generally prioritise client-facing areas for cleaning, such as the office or sales room, overlooking cleaning responsibilities on the operations side of things could halt the internal workings of the company all together.

Such was the fate of one Leicester-based firm, which recently had to shut its warehouse down altogether after rat and mice infestations were discovered. AKM Foods, which supply a wide variety of Asian food products, was closed by the city council's environmental health team following a routine inspection, Leicestershire Mercury has reported. Company director Ashfaq Amanulah will appear in court next week to request the re-opening of the warehouse, after working 14-hour days getting it cleaned up.

Shilpa Thakrer, prosecuting on behalf of the council, said: "Mrs Douglas was at the premises at 10.30am for a routine inspection. She began to note there were some mouse droppings on the premises.

"There were gaps in the premises where it's evident rats had made their way in. There were rat droppings throughout. Little pest control treatment was on display."

The legal action is an example of the grave consequences firms can face if they don’t take proactive efforts to keep all areas of the business in good condition. By being reactionary to the charges, AKM Foods has sacrificed a weeks worth of operations while the site gets cleaned up.