Maintaining a five star venue in five quick steps

February 19th, 2013 Category: Building Management

Venue hire is becoming an increasingly competitive market in the UK, which is why getting your space to stand out from the crowd is of imperative importance.

Type the word 'venue' into a Google Map screen and you are instantly confronted with digital chicken pox spreading across your screen. The truth is that when it comes to selecting a venue, particularly in places such as London, Manchester or Glasgow, there is ample choice of spaces to choose from. Standing out from the crowd, therefore, is crucial to maintaining adequate demand.

Peter Watts, who has managed world class venues and events such as the Sydney Olympics, US Open Tennis and Wimbledon Championships and the Kia Oval, believes that cleaning services can make a huge difference to customer loyalty and also increase customer spend. Talking to Leisure Support Services, he recommended five ways to spruce up your venue environment and bring the punters back in.

First and foremost, bathroom management is crucial to ensuring customers are happy and the event runs smoothly. Ensuring that all facilities in the bathroom are working adequately will appease the frustration which builds when things go wrong, and keeping the restroom clean and in good condition can significantly enhance the perception of the venue.

Secondly, you should never underestimate the importance of five star cleaning. No matter where or what type of venue you are running, it is of paramount importance that cleaning standards exceed expectations. This leads well into the third tip, which is enhancing your venue's flexibility by making sure you can turn around events in a short period of time but with the optimum amount of cleanliness.

Step four is one which has certainly come into vogue of late, and venue managers will do well to remember it when an inspection occurs. Your environmental record is crucially important in this day an age, particularly when it comes to cleaning where many chemicals are used. Ensure that you are using green solutions for all your venue chores, it will ultimately impress both clientele and management.

Finally, keep friendly faces among the crowd in the case that anything does need attending to. A lack of hand towels in the bathroom, for example, or a spillage in the bar area requires a quick reaction which should also be friendly, ensuring there is as little disruption as possible.