Businesses urged to use less water for office clean

February 14th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

A UK survey has revealed that workers would prefer less water to be used during the office clean, with concerns over accidents and supply voiced.

The online poll, conducted by CarpetFirst, revealed that 62 per cent of professionals agreed that using less water in office cleaning procedures would reduce the likelihood of non-collision accidents (trips, slips and falls) in public places.

"Water is in short supply in London," said a spokesperson for the London-based cleaning company. "It just makes sense to reduce the amount of water professionals use when they clean homes and offices, both from an environmental perspective and from a health and safety perspective."

Using excess water for cleaning was found to be particularly problematic in places such as hospitals, where there is an abundance of hard surfaces which are easy to slip on when wet. Furthermore, the people traversing hospital wards are often in a vulnerable condition, and the floors of hospitals are also cleaned much more frequently than other commercial spaces.

On a professional level, companies should be worried about both their employees and also their clients. "It's not a good look for your company if your client slips over and gets hurt on the floor you’ve just cleaned," said the CarpetFirst representative. "We need to be as careful about the health and safety of our clients as we are of our own safety."

One thing the company did note is that reducing the amount of times a floor is cleaned is not the answer to the problem. A "good cleaning technique" is the best way to reduce the amount of water used, while at the same time keeping surfaces clean and free of germs.