3 steps to a green carpet clean

February 11th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Although many businesses may be getting their act together when it comes to operating in a more environmentally sustainable way, there are some aspects of office maintenance which may slip under the carpet, if you'll excuse the pun.

Carpet and floor cleaning is a process that can use many chemicals that are dangerous to the environment, and without proper control, you might find that keeping the ground under your feet clean to come at quite a cost.

Doug Berjer, brand manager at CFR and Tornado Industries, told that "green carpet care involves using systems, products, and procedures to help keep carpets clean and healthy with the least impact on the cleaning worker, building users, and the environment".

He recommends three ways in which businesses should care for their carpets, starting by selecting the appropriate chemical selection. Carpet cleaning materials have evolved over the years and there is an abundance of environmentally-friendly cleaning equipment which help lower the amount of chemicals used on the carpet. This process is often improved when a heated carpet extractor is used, although users should be aware that different products vary in terms of use and appliance.

The second step Mr Berjer recommends is making green carpet care a shared responsibility. This can include pointing out stained areas of the carpet to the cleaning contractor to mitigate problems caused by such spoils.

Finally, ensure that the right equipment is being used to clean the carpet. Mr Berjer advises: "Portable carpet extractors have advanced over the years and now contribute significantly to making carpet cleaning greener and healthier." Low-moisture carpet cleaning is a must for offices wanting to clean up their green reputation, so ensure you've got both the equipment and products checked before the big clean.