Businesses urged to keep workplace clean

January 31st, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Businesses have been urged to place a firm focus on regular office cleaning throughout the winter months.

According to the US-based National Federation of Independent Business Small Business Legal Center, there are many steps a firm can take to stop employees falling ill and taking time off.

Keeping working areas clean was said to be an especially good way of preventing members of staff from developing seasonal flu and other ailments, reports.

The federation stated that common surfaces that are touched by different people on a regular basis should be a particular priority.

"For example, regularly wipe down telephones, computer equipment and kitchen areas," it commented.

"Preventing the spread of germs can make a big difference in getting ahead of seasonal illness."

The organisation also suggested that employers let members of staff know that they will not be in trouble if they do end up ringing in sick.

Indeed, it stated that companies need to implement policies that assure sick workers they are able to take time off "without any fear of reprisals".

Businesses were then advised to encourage their workforce to receive immunisations against conditions such as flu.

The Small Business Legal Center added that companies need to be prepared for workers being absent due to illness from time to time.

Furthermore, it pointed out that employees may not necessarily be off with their own illness, as they could be forced to stay at home to care for a sick relative or child.

The organisation said this means firms need to put a back-up plan in place to ensure essential tasks still get completed in their absence.

This, it stated, could include ensuring other employees are equipped with the skills to carry out certain jobs, so somebody else can come in and make sure they are all done.

Encouraging remote working might also be a good idea, as travel disruption caused by snow forced many workers in Britain to stay at home.

These measures could ultimately help firms remain open for business and operate effectively.