Demand for business space in Eastbourne on the up

January 30th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

The economic downturn has hit demand for commercial property in many parts of the country. Indeed, lots of analysts and observers believe the market has stagnated at best outside of London.

However, it seems as if conditions are starting to improve in other areas. In Eastbourne, for instance, sales of commercial property have gone up.

According to estate agent Reid + Dean, this is particularly apparent on Terminus Road, as the terrace over the road from the station had been an "eyesore" this time last year.

However, spokesman Mike Reid told the Eastbourne Herald that many new businesses are now choosing to move into this location, with most of the space either sold or let after being refurbished.

Similarly, he noted that the city's Arndale Centre is almost full thanks to the arrival of major brands such as River Island.

"After five years in the doldrums, the commercial market has sprung into life and there are good signs all around," Mr Reid commented.

He described the extent of the transformation in Eastbourne over the last 12 months as "astonishing", as the number of commercial property transactions that occurred in 2012 outweighed the figure for the previous four years put together.

"The quality, size and effect of some of those will make a big difference to the presentation and economy of Eastbourne," Mr Reid said.

If presentation is a priority to the large businesses and small to medium-sized enterprises that have moved into the area, bringing in facilities management specialists could be a good idea.

After all, focusing on issues such as office cleaning and building maintenance can help a firm show its best side to prospective customers and clients day after day.

This can play a big part in driving the long-term success of a company, especially as looking after business premises can have an equally major impact on staff productivity.

With companies increasingly looking to establish themselves in this new hotspot of activity, firms might consider this a valuable way of getting a slight competitive edge on their rivals.