Customers ‘demanding more and more from facilities managers’

January 30th, 2013 Category: Building Management

Customers are becoming increasingly demanding of facilities managers, an industry group has noted.

According to the Facilities Management Association, the sector is currently going through "really interesting times".

Richard Sykes, chairman of the body, cited the increased expectations customers have of industry professionals as an example of how the operating environment is changing, Workplace Law reports.

"The private sector is certainly seeking greater integration of services to drive cost improvements, as well as global and pan-European alignment," he observed.

"The public sector is starting to change its approach (albeit slowly) as the austerity measures begin to bite."

Mr Sykes said this means facilities management organisations must be innovative and brave in order to thrive in this "ever increasingly complex" sector, as well as more flexible.

He was speaking in the run-up to the Workplace Futures Conference, in which prominent figures in the industry will gather and share their expertise.

The event will take place at The Crystal in London on February 12th, with Mr Sykes delivering the opening address to guests.

Workplace Law believes the event is unmissable for facilities managers, as it will feature a number of "exceptional" presentations throughout the day.

Attendees will be encouraged to consider whether their existing practices and methods are still relevant in the modern era.

Indeed, organisers are keen to see guests move away from established procedures and think about whether they can more closely align the delivery of services with real business objectives and customer needs.

Officials have acknowledged that some facilities management specialists and clients are "blazing trails" and pioneering new ways of operating.

However, they stated that "tried and tested" approaches still dominate the industry, which means many professionals are missing out on ways of adding extra value to their work.

The Workplace Futures Conference could therefore be a great opportunity to find out what methods are used elsewhere across the industry, with facilities managers sharing best practice and details on which approaches deliver the best results for them.