Businesses need to keep floors clean

January 29th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Companies could find it worthwhile bringing in contract cleaners to keep their floors looking spotless.

According to Dr Martin Klotz, a professor at the University of North Carolina, floors are often one of the dirtiest parts of an office.

Speaking to America Now, he said this is because people often pick up germs and bacteria on the soles of their shoes when they are out and about.

As a result, Dr Klotz believes businesses should actively try to make sure the floors are kept clean.

"You have no idea what is in your carpet," he observed.

"If you knew, you would rip it out immediately."

However, thorough floor cleaning does not have to be prohibitively expensive for companies, as they can bring in specialist office cleaners as and when they are needed.

This approach frees firms from the responsibility of employing their own cleaning staff and providing them with the equipment they need.

And it gives businesses the confidence that the job will be performed to the very highest standards.

The importance of office cleaning can be easily overlooked by businesses, yet it stands to reason that in any busy place occupied by lots of different people, germs and bacteria will build up.

Employers can't really stop germs being walked in by members of staff, but they can be proactive in keeping the working environment clean and well maintained.

After all, it isn't just floors that can get dirty throughout the typical working day.

Phones, keyboards and computer equipment will often end up getting dirty, particularly if a worker is ill and spending much of their time coughing and sneezing.

Dr Klotz went on to note that workspaces used by men typically contain more germs than those used by women.

This, he said, is not because males are neglecting their own personal hygiene. Instead, Dr Klotz put it down to the fact men are bigger than women and therefore have more skin on which bacteria can breed.