Wide variety of businesses ‘flourishing in London’

January 21st, 2013 Category: Building Management

Companies across various sectors are performing strongly in London at the moment, experts have noted.

According to Search Office Space (SOS), a wide variety of firms are "flourishing" in the capital right now.

For instance, it said production houses are thriving, along with solicitors, retailers and catering services providers, the Independent reports.

However, SOS noted that a great deal depends on where a business chooses to establish its main base of operations.

"Finding the right office space for your business is a little like shopping for a good suit – it may take a while to find the right fit, but when you do it can make all the difference," it commented.

SOS stressed that first impressions are critical if a firm wishes to convey the right impression, which means that a company aiming for an upmarket clientele needs to set up in a high-end part of the city.

However, businesses based in London might need to look beyond simply choosing a prestigious and accessible location and ensure their establishment is well maintained too.

Placing a strong focus on office cleaning can be a great way to subtly impress customers and clients, particularly if it is based in one of the most expensive parts of town such as Mayfair.

SOS noted that anyone who is setting up a business in London might initially think finding office space "would be a relatively simple affair".

However, it stated that this is not actually the case, since the choice of premises on offer is "vast".

The group said this can in turn be quite "overwhelming" for business start-ups, while the "eclectic nature of London's commercial enterprises means that finding the right location is paramount to success".

SOS added that the West End is a particularly good location partly because it is so accessible. Indeed, it pointed out that it can be accessed on the Tube thanks to stations such Covent Garden, Leicester Square and Tottenham Court Road, while there are plenty of buses and cabs operating in the area.