Reduce environmental impact with natural cleaning products

January 17th, 2013 Category: Office Cleaning

Companies are looking at all sorts of ways of helping the environment these days.

With consumer awareness of issues such as sustainability and climate change now higher than ever, they've found it pays for firms to take them seriously and show that they are in step with the public mood.

After all, this can be a good way to attract new business and build a positive reputation, as well as genuinely do something good for the planet.

But your efforts to go green could easily be undermined if your firm doesn't apply the principle right across the board.

For instance, plugging your green credentials while indulging in practices like leaving lights and computers switched on when they are not in use don't quite go together.

Similarly, using chemical-based cleaning products to maintain your premises, when there are many eco-friendly alternatives out there, makes any bold statements you make about the environment look hollow.

Aaron Edwards of Business 2 Community is one observer who has suggested companies step up their efforts to use natural cleaning products, as "chemical-laden" cleaning solutions can damage the environment.

By contrast, he pointed out that green products have "little environmental impact, either through use or in the manufacture of the cleansers".

Furthermore, Mr Edwards noted that eco-friendly options are often much cheaper than chemical-based products and perform just as well.

Perhaps one way to be sure your premises are maintained with green cleaning solutions is to bring in contract cleaners who have pledged to help the environment.

That way a firm can enjoy the benefits of this approach with none of the hassle you might be worried about.

By outsourcing office cleaning to a third party, you don't have to procure materials or employ staff all year round.

You only need to bring in cleaning specialists as and when they are required, who have the knowledge and expertise to do a highly professional job, without unduly affecting the natural world.