Higher education sector to invest in new facilities

January 2nd, 2013 Category: Educational Establishments

Millions of pounds are to go towards upgrading many of Britain's universities in the coming months, a new report has revealed.

According to research by Wates, 79 per cent of universities across the UK are to undergo extensive building works throughout 2013.

Loughborough University, for instance, is investing in a brand new sport and exercise medicine facility, while some institutions are putting money towards high-quality accommodation for students.

Wates believes the projects taking place across the UK's higher education sector will be worth at least £5 million in total.

This is a clear demonstration of how universities around the country are aiming to offer good value for money to students.

After all, the recent hike in tuition fees, which has led to some universities charging up to £9,000 a year, has been highly controversial, as well as politically damaging to the Lib Dem side of the coalition government.

As a result, the onus has been firmly on the higher education sector to demonstrate that studying for a degree is worth this extra money, particularly at a time when families across the UK are under considerable financial pressure.

By investing in new facilities, universities are aiming to show aspiring undergraduates that they will be given access to the very best tools, resources and expertise, so they are not forced to go without as they try to secure vital qualifications.

Higher education is a highly competitive market, with each university and surrounding city offering unique and tempting attractions and incentives for students.

Investing in significant building projects helps universities keep pace with their rivals or perhaps steal a march on them, so they are in a better position to attract the very best individuals.

While money may be a key concern to young people who want to earn a degree, plenty may be willing to look beyond financial considerations and consider it worth going somewhere that offers modern, up-to-date and well-maintained resources, as well as a desire to keep upgrading and improving what it provides to students.