How dirty can an office get?

December 3rd, 2012 Category: Office Cleaning

Businesses need to keep a firm grip on office cleaning if they want their staff to operate in a pleasant and healthy environment.

The issue was recently put under the spotlight by Dutch recruitment site, which showed that many offices in the Netherlands are falling short when it comes to hygiene.

Indeed, findings published in the Telegraaf showed over half of the employees polled don't ever clean their desk at work. As a result, many working areas are seeing an influx of creatures such as cockroaches and mice.

This is by no means a problem in the Netherlands alone, as workers in many countries don't clean up after themselves.

But if businesses can't count on members of staff to do this task, what options are open to them?

Bringing in facilities management specialists with the expertise and resources to do a thoroughly professional office cleaning job could be the way to go.

After all, it means staff can spend their whole working day concentrating on their core job, while a business can make sure the premises are safe, clean and hygienic.

This could ultimately reap rewards in many ways. For instance, workers will probably be more productive and motivated if they are able to operate in a pleasant environment.

And if their workspace is hygienic, they will be less likely to catch any bugs and be forced to take time off to recuperate.

Personal hygiene appears to be a particularly big problem in some Dutch workspaces, with many of those polled by claiming many of their colleagues fail to wash their hands after going to the toilet.

Others are unhappy that their fellow members of staff blow their nose too loudly or sniff persistently, while many are annoyed with colleagues who smell and have bad breath.

Focusing on high standards with regards to office cleaning might just prompt employees to reassess their own standards too and help to make your premises a desirable and appealing place in which to work.