Wintry weather could pose increased health and safety risk

November 28th, 2012 Category: Office Cleaning

An increased chance of wintry weather hitting the UK is being reported this week, with the height of the cold season still yet to arrive.

The Department of Health has published a warning from the Met Office that noted there is a 60 per cent chance of temperatures in several parts of the country plummeting this week. It issued the guidelines yesterday (November 27th) and suggested the risk will remain in place for about three days.

Should temperatures take a turn for the worse and snow and ice become a feature of everyday life for millions of people across the country, it could be that a significant health and safety operation is launched. After all, the dangers facing office workers, medical staff and public sector workers should increase in such conditions.

Among the areas said to be under threat from a cold snap are the north-east, north-west and Yorkshire and the Humber regions.

The government department noted that this can make illnesses more probable, with the young, old and sick all vulnerable to a wave of cold weather. It could also be that workers face more problems in wintry conditions, as ice, snow and rain is trodden into workplaces across the country.

Perhaps the best way to deal with such an issue is to secure a new office cleaning contract that ensures floors are cleared and cleaned at regular intervals. Not only will this impress guests, improve organisation and boost staff morale, it could also stamp out the threat of slips and trips that can lead to sickness absence and potential penalties.

With December just around the corner, there is still time to put a new plan in place for the majority of the winter and retain a clean and hygienic workplace.

If the Department of Health and the Met Office are to be believed, those who have done just that might stand to benefit sooner than anybody could have realised, when the bad weather hits this week.