Businesses urged to consider premises security

November 16th, 2012 Category: Building Management

Companies have been reminded of the need to keep their premises safe and secure.

James Archer, a representative of The Safe Shop, noted that employees can sometimes be a weak link when it comes to maintaining security on site.

For instance, he told Business Matters that while they may routinely close windows at the end of each working day, they might forget to make sure they are locked.

In addition, he noted that company bosses often forget to test their burglar alarm on a regular basis, which means it could be out of action for some time before the fault is noticed.

Mr Archer has therefore suggested employers draw up a clear list of guidelines for employees to follow at the end of the day, so they know exactly what they have to do when they are packing up to go home.

Bringing in facilities management specialists with expertise in security might also be a good idea for any firm that wants to minimise the risk of burglary, particularly now that winter has arrived and the evenings get darker earlier.

"Businesses get burgled every day – it's a fact of life," observed Business Matters magazine.

"With robberies happening every 38 seconds in the UK, commercial property is a prime target for criminals."

The publication said this can be a particularly stressful experience for company bosses, particularly if important documents, equipment and money are lost in the burglary.

Business Matters noted that getting a business "back on track" can also be highly time-consuming, which means any delay in getting up and running once again could be damaging to a firm in the long term.

After all, regular customers may choose to go elsewhere and do business with a competitor during any period of downtime and then fail to return later on.

As a result, it can certainly be worth taking preventative measures to improve security across a business and minimise the chances of any security breaches taking place.